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Electricity price increases explained

  Mojo Power has been quiet of late with our marketing. We’re working extra hard to be a competitive energy retailer in Australia and providing access to renewable energy for all.  However, there are... Read More

How SMEs can walk the Net Zero talk

Mojo Power sponsored content with The Australian Business Review released on 25 February 2022, the date of the inaugural Green List of Australia's top 100 Green Power players.  Read More

The Australian Financial Review - Former watchdog goes public public with carbon credit 'fraud' claims

A damning report by Professor Andrew Macintosh, director of research at the ANU Law School, believes the carbon credits issued by Australia’s clean energy regulator have 'low integrity methods' and... Read More

The benefits of solar (the basics)

If you’re considering solar panels for your place, you probably have a lot of questions. And, if you’ve started researching, you’re possibly a bit overwhelmed.  Let us break it down for you - here... Read More

Mojo Power and carbonTRACK join forces

We’re running a trial aimed at providing a lower power bill for our customers. Read More

Electricity prices are falling to their lowest level in a year in Sydney

Sydney electricity prices are falling to their lowest level in a year just as people working from home are consuming more power than ever. Read More

Record low: Mojo Power cuts rates to 30% off Reference Price

In a move that’s sure to make Sydneysiders lick their lips, Mojo Power has cut its rates to an unprecedented low of 30% off the Reference Price with its ‘All Day Breakfast’ energy plan. Read More

Debunking the myths around smart meters

Do you remember when smart meters began their roll out in 2011? And we were bombarded with statements like ‘smart meters will rip you off’, ‘smart meters will over-charge you’ and even ‘smart meters... Read More

Getting our Mojo back: QLD energy prices hit 25% below reference price

  Queensland’s electricity bill-payers are set to get their Mojo back, and we’re not talking about confidence. Mojo Power is back in the Sunshine State with a vengeance, bringing with it a hot new... Read More


On the back of Mojo's recent release of two new single rate products, Canstar Blue evaluated and reported "Proving that bigger isn’t always better, lesser-known energy retailer Mojo Power has entered... Read More