The top 3 benefits of smart meters

Top 3 benefits of smart meters

At Mojo Power, three of our energy plans come with a smart meter. This is a key part of how we help our customers use less electricity and save money, because being able to see when and where you’re using electricity begins with a smart meter.

What is a smart meter?

A smart meter is an advanced digital meter that reads and records the amount of electricity you use over 30 minute intervals and remotely communicates this information back to your power company. 

It doesn’t look too dissimilar to your old basic meter, but it does offer several advantages.

1. Say goodbye to manual meter reads

With a smart meter, you’ll no longer have someone coming into your home to read your meter manually each quarter (and you won’t have to trudge out to have a look yourself)! Your power company will read it remotely and, if you’re with Mojo Power, we’ll feed that information back to your Mojo app in a simple, easy-to-read format. So you can easily and conveniently see your electricity usage from anywhere, anytime.

2. Actual bills, every time. No more estimates

Because smart meters send your meter readings to your power company daily, your power company can see exactly how much electricity you’re using and bill you for it accurately. So you’ll only be charged for the electricity you actually use - no more guestimated bills!

And with Mojo, you will be billed monthly making it easier to manage your household budget.

3. Monitoring and insights

Ultimately, smart meters can give you visibility, accuracy and knowledge (and we all know knowledge is power!) 

You can access your smart meter data to better understand your actual energy usage and your power company can use it to provide you insights… although not all power companies are doing this. 

At Mojo Power, we’ve developed the MyMojo online portal and mobile app where you can view your energy usage down to one-hour intervals. It’s clear, easy to read and gives you the visibility and control needed to pinpoint when and where you use the most electricity. This way, you can manage your spend (and avoid any surprises on your bill!), identify energy-guzzling appliances and make real savings. 

You can also see your solar exports (or if you don’t have solar yet, how much a solar could save you), get spend updates, bill forecasts and set personalised alerts to let you know if you’re using a lot of electricity. But to get these insights, you need an advanced smart meter.

Ready for a smart meter?

Loving the sound of smart meters and ready to get one for yourself? At Mojo Power three of our energy plans come with a smart meter* which means you’ll get full use of our app as well as actual bills.

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*Terms and conditions apply. This assumes that installation at your site is straightforward and does not have any hazardous or out of the ordinary issues. We will quote for any additional work.