Who is the cheapest energy provider in Australia?

It’s the age-old question every electricity consumer wants an answer to - who is the cheapest energy provider?

But no matter whether big or small, it’s just not possible for any power company to be the cheapest energy provider with the best rates across all states, in all postcodes, at all times. 

The reality is the energy market is constantly changing and the company that might be the cheapest energy provider today may not be tomorrow. 

That’s why comparison websites like Energy Made Easy and Victorian Energy Compare are really handy to get up-to-date comparisons of all the energy offers available in your area. 

Mojo Power

At Mojo, we know price is one of the most important factors that electricity customers take into account. That’s why we focus on offering great rates and outstanding service to our customers. 

And while it might not be possible to always top the list, we always strive to make sure we’re right up there. In fact, this month Canstar named our All Day Breakfast plan the cheapest for customers in New South Wales. 

So to find out more about our great rates and how we stack up in your area, view our energy plans or compare us on Energy Made Easy today.

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