4 ways buying renewable energy at home helps fight climate change

Electricity generation is the largest single source of emissions in Australia so buying renewable energy is one of the simplest, most effective ways to take real climate action at home. 


1. Cut your carbon footprint 

If electricity usage makes up 50% of your home’s carbon footprint, offsetting it with 100% renewable energy will cut out half of your household’s greenhouse gas emissions, just like that!

2. Help reduce Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions

Since 2005, GreenPower customers (both households and businesses) have saved over 17 million tonnes of CO2e emissions. That’s like taking more than 6 million cars off the road for a year!

3. Help drive demand for new renewable energy generation

The more renewable energy we’re all buying, the more renewable generation we’ll need to build. And that means more clean energy going into our electricity mix to offset the fossil fuels that currently make electricity generation so dirty.

4. Support the renewable energy sector

With higher demand for renewable energy comes more renewable energy generation projects, more investment in the sector and more jobs.

How to buy renewable energy at home 

No matter which power company you’re with, all electricity comes from the same central pool - the National Electricity Market. This is made up of renewable and non-renewable energy which is all mixed in together. 

It’s not possible to control which electrons (renewable or non-renewable) are delivered where, so you can’t directly buy renewable energy to use in your home. However you can buy GreenPower.

When you choose GreenPower, your electricity usage is matched with the equivalent amount of renewable energy and added to the electricity grid on your behalf.

For households, switching to GreenPower is one of the simplest ways to support climate action and do your bit to reduce Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Going green doesn’t have to cost the earth

Evergreen is Mojo Power’s GreenPower accredited energy plan.

When you switch to Evergreen, you can choose 25%, 50% or 100% GreenPower and we’ll match the equivalent amount of renewable energy from GreenPower generators, like solar farms, on your behalf. 

And the best bit? It’s cheaper than some energy retailers’ traditional fossil fuel dominated energy plans.

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