5 ways the Mojo Power app can help you save money

Everyone knows electricity is an essential living expense, but most of us would prefer to save money on energy so we have more to spend on the fun stuff.

At Mojo, we know great rates are the first piece of that puzzle. But just as important is minimising the amount of unnecessary electricity you’re using. After all, no matter how good your rates are, if you’re using lots of electricity, you’ll have to pay for it.

So we built the MyMojo online portal and app to help our customers get the visibility and control needed to pinpoint when and where they’re using the most electricity, manage their spend (and avoid any surprises on their bill!) and ultimately save money.

If you have a smart meter, you can use the Mojo app to quickly and easily see how much electricity you’ve used, how much you’ve spent, your solar system’s performance (or, if you don’t have solar yet, a sophisticated model of the value solar could deliver you), be alerted if you use a lot of energy and even refer your friends to Mojo Power to earn a $50 credit… all from the palm of your hand! 

So how can customers with a smart meter save money with the Mojo app? 

1. Save money by seeing when and where you’re using the most electricity

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The first step to using less electricity is knowing when and where you use the most. 

With the Mojo app, you can see your electricity usage over the day, month, year or even in real time (assuming you have an approved and compatible smart meter and a good telecommunications signal). This means you can see exactly when you use the most electricity and can even see the impact certain appliances have on your usage as it’s happening. 

Knowing this is key to identifying energy-guzzling appliances and making real savings.

2. Save money by ensuring your solar system is performing well (or find out how much solar could save you)

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If you have solar, you’ll see how much solar power you’re exporting, what percentage of your household energy usage is being met by your solar generation and how much we estimate your solar system has saved you for the year. So you can keep an eye on your system’s performance and make sure you’re getting the most out of it.

Don’t have solar yet? The app’s solar simulator will analyse your usage data in conjunction with some other household information we’ll ask you about to provide an indication as to the right size solar system for you and how much it could save you. So you can get an informed understanding of the value a solar system could deliver you and your family.

3. Save money and avoid bill shock with spend updates Mojo app (6)

Open the Mojo app to see how much you’ve spent on electricity so far this month (or week) and compare it to the same time last month. We’ll also forecast how much your upcoming bill is likely to be, so you’ll know roughly what to expect come bill time. 

4. Don’t overspend - be alerted if you’re using too much electricity Mojo app (1)

Don’t want to keep an eye on your energy usage or spend every day? No worries, we’ll do it for you! 

Using the Mojo app, you can set alerts to notify you when you’re close to exceeding your own personal usage or spending limits. Simply set the amount (in $ or kWh) at which you’d like to be alerted and we’ll SMS or email you (your choice) if and when you hit it. So you can keep on top of your usage and budget without worrying about checking. 

5. Earn $50 by referring a friend Mojo app (2)

Don’t just save money on energy, earn money too!

Mojo customers can refer a friend to Mojo Power using their app and if their friend signs up using the unique referral link, both customers will receive a $50 credit. It's easy and there is no limit on referrals. Find out how to refer your friends here. 

How do I get the Mojo app?

Download the Mojo app from the App Store or Google Play. Existing Mojo Power customers can login using your username and password. If you’re not yet a customer, tap ‘sign up’ and follow the prompts to switch to Mojo Power. 

In order to get full use of the Mojo app, you need a smart meter. Without it, you’ll have limited functionality. But don’t worry, at Mojo Power two of our energy plans come with a smart meter which means you’ll get full use of the app as well as actual bills. Find out more about getting a smart meter here. 

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