How to choose the right energy plan for your business

When choosing an energy plan for your business, you should compare the plans available to you and the power companies providing the plans. 

Compare energy plans


When comparing energy plans, look at all the rates in conjunction with each other rather than focusing on one in isolation. Just because a plan has a very low usage rate, for example, doesn’t mean it will work out cheapest if it has a higher daily rate. 

Green options

Is supporting renewable energy important to you and your business? Chances are there are green energy plans available to you. Do your research and understand the difference between GreenPower accredited plans and carbon-neutral plans so you can choose the right plan for your business. 

Smart tools

Some energy plans come with smart tools to give you better visibility and control of your organisations’ energy usage. Check what tools and services are on offer before you switch - not all are made equal.


Compare energy providers

Green credentials

Going green is about more than just choosing a GreenPower energy plan. Look into the power company offering the plan - do they own fossil fuel energy generation? Three of the top four biggest greenhouse gas emitters in Australia are power companies.

Australian owned

If supporting Australian owned and operated businesses is important to you, find out who owns the energy provider you’re considering. Where is their head office located? What about their customer service teams? Not sure? Just ask.


Use the government comparison website

Energy Made Easy (and Victorian Energy Compare for Victorian-based businesses) is a great online comparison tool that can help you compare energy offers. It’s best to stick to the government-run comparison websites because commercial comparison websites don’t always present all of the available offers.


Check out Evergreen, our GreenPower accredited energy plan for homes and businesses

Evergreen is our GreenPower accredited energy plan that gives you the option of 25%, 50% or 100% GreenPower for your business at rates that beat many retailers’ fossil fuel dominated energy plans!

View Evergreen for homes

View Evergreen for businesses


What’s better than buying green electricity? Buying it from your local solar farm

Many businesses don’t just want anonymous renewable energy generation, they want to choose specific renewable energy generators to support. 

That’s why we developed Mojo Marketplace, making it easy for businesses to offset their electricity usage with locally-sourced renewable energy at competitive prices.

Simply sign-up, pick a solar farm, add your energy needs, and buy a supply contract. That’s it.

There are no upfront costs or platform fees and your organisation makes no commitment until you’re ready to buy.

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