How to find an electricity provider

Looking for electricity providers in Sydney? Looking for electricity providers in NSW? Perhaps you’re in Brisbane or regional QLD? 

No matter where you are, finding electricity providers is easy. 

Thanks to the government energy compare websites, you can sift through a range of electricity deals available to you in minutes.


Finding electricity providers NSW and QLD

Energy Made Easy is the government comparison website that will help you search for electricity providers in Sydney and regional NSW, Brisbane and regional QLD, and in South Australia, Tassie and the ACT.

We recommend you use the government website over other commercial comparison websites as commercial websites don’t always show you all of the available options. Find out more about electricity comparison sites here


Finding electricity providers VIC

Victoria has its own energy comparison website. If you’re looking for electricity providers in Melbourne or regional VIC, you should use Victorian Energy Compare

And in some exciting news, Mojo Power will be coming to Victoria in 2022! Watch this space. 


Check out Mojo Power

Mojo Power is an Australian owned power company. With a focus on competitive rates, we’re working to make renewable energy and smart tool technology accessible to more Australians. So you can use less electricity, feel good about the energy you are using and focus on the more important things… like getting your Mojo back! 

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