How Mojo Power is making renewable energy accessible to more Australians

Using renewable energy is important to many Australians but did you know all the electricity you buy comes from the same central pool? No matter which power company you're with, it comes from the National Electricity Market (NEM) which is made up of renewable energy and fossil fuels. 

This means the best way to maximise your use of clean energy is by generating your own renewable energy with solar. 

However we know not everyone can get solar. Whether you’re renting or simply can’t afford the upfront cost, solar isn’t an option for everyone. That’s why, at Mojo Power, we’re working to make renewable energy accessible to more Australians. 

Buy renewable energy with GreenPower and Mojo

GreenPower is a government-managed program that lets you buy renewable energy. 

The renewable electricity you buy can’t be fed directly from the generator into your house or workplace (because it all goes into the NEM to be used) so instead, it’s added to the grid on your behalf. The more people choose GreenPower, the more energy from renewable sources goes into the grid.

Evergreen is our GreenPower accredited energy plan that gives you the choice of 25%, 50% or 100% GreenPower with rates that beat some energy retailers’ traditional fossil fuel dominated energy plans.

Switching to a GreenPower accredited plan like Evergreen is one of the simplest ways to support climate action and do your bit to reduce Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions.

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Mojo Marketplace: Making it easy for businesses to buy specific renewable energy generation

Many organisations don’t just want anonymous renewable energy generation, they want to choose specific renewable energy generators to support. 

That’s why we developed Mojo Marketplace, making it easy for businesses to offset their electricity usage with locally sourced renewable energy at competitive prices.

In an Australian first, Mojo Marketplace tokenises specific renewable energy generation using blockchain technology. This means, through our platform, we can link your company’s energy consumption to the renewable generation projects of your choice.

The electricity generated by these projects is tokenised so we can prove how much renewable energy each project sends to the grid and match this to your business’ energy usage. 

So you get genuine, matched renewable energy at competitive prices that is easily traceable and auditable.

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