Mojo Power and Enopte partner to optimise energy - sustainably

(Photo at the All-Energy Australia)

Enopte has created an integrated renewable energy management system that monitors and controls energy consumption at the point of demand. The system is made up of two products: Enopte Power Station and the Energy Management Systems (EMS) and can be centrally controlled as part of a larger Virtual Power Plant (VPP). Each Power Station has a proprietary battery management technology that will save money for business or homeowners, especially when coupled with solar panels.

Key features of the Enopte system are:

  • The EMS is scalable to meet the needs of households to large scale business.
  • The product works for both solar and non solar customers by optimising the energy usage of any system.
  • Data is stored in the cloud and can be accessed at anytime from anywhere via web browser or via App.
  • Each EMS can facilitate demand side management programs and form part of a VPP.

Enopte has over 10 years of IP development in the Energy Management Systems (EMS). In that time they have installed the EMS in more than 1,000 sites. 

Enopte and Mojo Power will develop a product to roll out on a larger scale. Suitable test sites have been identified and testing will commence in early 2020.

Mark Leckenby, Managing Director of Enopte explained, “We are technically agnostic. We use the best of breed technologies to provide an all-in-one EMS solution, optimising any business or residence energy consumption”.

This partnership is an exciting move for Mojo Power as it seeks to provide transparency, lower cost energy for its customers.  Mojo Power Managing Director, Warren Murphy commented, “We are thrilled to partner with Enopte and offer this energy management system to our customers. This product supports our vision to empower our customers to better control the management of their energy consumption and costs”.

About Enopte

Enopte innovate smarter technology to monitor, manage and optimise your energy usage. Developed, assembled and tested in Australia, Enopte’s products provide energy management, storage, control, billing and metering.