Mojo Power and carbonTRACK join forces

We’re running a trial aimed at providing a lower power bill for our customers.

We’re thrilled to be running a practical technology trial with carbonTRACK, a leading intelligent energy management systems company.

As part of the year-long trial, carbonTRACK provides a smart gateway to you, our customers’ homes, that monitors and controls electricity but also allows for smart home control remotely through your smart phone (turning lights on and off, opening doors etc.). These tools provide control that enables the best outcome for you, but also allows us to provide an improved and cost-effective service through a custom designed system which maximises solar use at the home, and when the solar isn’t needed, discharges energy to the grid via a Virtual Power Plant (VPP).


How will it work

Working remotely to determine how to optimise your energy use – meaning you don’t need to lift a finger – is central to the trial. Participants in the trial will receive free installation of the carbonTRACK gateway hardware (used to remotely monitor and control energy consumption) which is theirs to keep once the trial is complete.

This gateway and the technology behind it will allow Mojo and carbonTRACK to let participants know the findings of their energy consumption behaviour, value maximisation options, bill saving options and how to get the best out of their solar system. The supplied report will also include suggestions on how customers could improve energy usage and saving with a battery system, if they don’t already have one.

While the trial is set down to run over 12 weeks, the technology will continue to monitor, optimise and provide complimentary advice for a full year from the time on installation. After that, since participants own the gateway, they can decide how they’d like to proceed after that year.

Adam MacDonald, Mojo Power Executive Director, said “This is an exciting move for Mojo Power, trialling our offerings of smart tools for residential customers. This VPP moves the power back into the consumers’ hands which is part of the transition to the new model for electricity supply – cheaper, more reliable, and cleaner. Working with carbonTRACK is an important step in our transition to smarter energy management for our customers”.

carbonTRACK’s Demand Response, Frequency Regulation, Virtual Energy Trading and Grid Resiliency solutions deliver the full VPP Value.

These solutions are the basis for an intelligent Energy Management System with a bunch of features:

  • Demand side management
  • Peak shaving
  • Storage integration
  • Virtual Power Plant

“We are extremely excited to be working with Mojo, an innovative Australian electricity retailer that is disrupting the status quo. We are proud that our tech will help their customers save money and get their ‘Mojo back’! said Spiros Livadaras, Managing Director- carbonTRACK.


Why we’re doing this

Mojo Power is an innovative electricity retailer changing the way you think about energy. They use technology and renewable energy to deliver low cost, simple plans.

Mojo Power provides customers with knowledge, accessibility, and smart technologies so that they can control usage and save money and the planet.

Mojo Power has a strong presence in the SME and residential sector and its values are aligned with carbonTRACK being transparency, fairness, digital and the employment of leading-edge technologies.


About carbonTRACK

carbonTRACK LTD is an Australian company headquartered in Melbourne. Its technology is

connecting energy generators, energy distributors and energy consumers - delivering embedded

networks, Virtual Power Plants and facilitating smart grids. It enables a distributed energy future.

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