What is Mojo Marketplace?

Mojo Marketplace is our innovative solution to meet your company's ESG and CSR obligations

The platform makes it easy for businesses to offset their electricity usage with locally-sourced renewable energy at competitive prices.

Simply sign-up, pick a solar farm, add your energy needs, and buy a supply contract. That's it. 

There are no upfront costs or platform fees and your organisation makes no commitment until you're ready to buy.


How does Mojo Marketplace work?

In an Australian first, Mojo Marketplace tokenises specific renewable energy generation using blockchain technology. This means, through our platform, we can link your company’s energy consumption to the renewable generation projects of your choice.

The electricity generated by these projects is tokenised so we can prove how much renewable energy each project sends to the grid and match this to your business’ energy usage. 

So you get genuine, matched renewable energy at competitive prices that is easily traceable and auditable. 

Why Mojo Marketplace?

The key thing that sets Mojo Marketplace apart from other forms of renewable energy procurement, such as LGCs, is traceability and auditability. 

Think of the National Electricity Market as a big swimming pool. The water in the pool represents the electricity in our grid and it comes from a range of sources, some renewable but mostly fossil fuels. 

When you buy renewable energy in the form of LGCs, that electricity is like a jug of water you’re pouring into the swimming pool. Completely anonymous and untraceable.

However with Mojo Marketplace, because it uses blockchain technology to tokenise renewable energy generation, you can trace the specific renewable energy generation and match it to your business’ electricity usage. It’s like dropping a Lego block into the pool instead. 

So you can easily trace that renewable energy generation and transparently report on it to prove your ESG and CSR credentials. 

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