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6 reasons buying renewable energy is important for your business

Procuring renewable energy generation is a tangible way for your business to take climate action. Apart from supporting the environment and climate, why else is buying renewable energy so important for businesses today?

1. Satisfy your ESG and CSR obligations

ESG is a key way that businesses can offer value to their stakeholders and contribute to a socially-conscious, sustainable world. Buying renewable energy addresses the environmental aspect of ESG compliance, which is often a top priority for businesses. 

2. Reduce your carbon footprint & move toward becoming carbon neutral 

By offsetting your business’ electricity usage with renewable energy, you could significantly reduce or even eliminate the associated emissions. For businesses looking to become carbon neutral (and even for those without that bigger goal), this is an important step.

3. Appeal to new and existing customers

Customers are increasingly looking to support ethical and responsible brands. Buying renewable energy is a good way to establish your business as a renewable energy leader and appeal to socially and environmentally conscious consumers. 

4. Boost employee satisfaction

Similarly, employees want to work for ethical and responsible businesses. Becoming a leader in the renewable energy space can help boost employee morale and give your team an increased sense of purpose, helping them feel that their work is having a broader, positive social impact. 

5. Help drive demand for new renewable energy generation

The more renewable energy we’re all buying, the more renewable generation we’ll need to build. And that means more clean energy going into Australia’s electricity mix to offset the fossil fuels that currently make electricity generation so dirty. 

6. Take climate action 

Businesses play a key role in the fight against climate change and electricity generation is the largest single source of emissions in Australia. Buying renewable energy is one of the simplest, most effective ways to take real climate action.  

How to buy renewable energy for your business

Because Australia’s electricity grid is made up of a mix of renewable and non-renewable energy, it’s not possible to buy renewable energy to use directly at your business (unless you have solar power or other forms of on-site renewable generation). 

That’s why, at Mojo, we offer businesses two solutions:


Choose GreenPower - 100% renewable energy available for households and businesses 

When you choose a GreenPower accredited electricity plan like Mojo’s Evergreen plan, your electricity usage is matched with the equivalent amount of renewable energy and added to the electricity grid on your behalf.

It’s one of the simplest ways to go green and support climate action in your business. And the best bit? Our Evergreen plan is cheaper than some energy retailers’ traditional fossil fuel dominated energy plans.

View plan - Evergreen


Want to go one better? Know where your electricity is coming from with Mojo Marketplace

Many businesses don’t just want to buy anonymous renewable energy generation, they want to choose specific renewable energy generators to support. 

That’s why we developed Mojo Marketplace, making it easy for businesses to offset their electricity usage with locally-sourced renewable energy at competitive prices.

Simply sign-up, pick a solar farm, add your energy needs, and buy a supply contract. That’s it.

There are no upfront costs or platform fees and your organisation makes no commitment until you’re ready to buy.

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