Why we don't offer electricity discounts

“Penalties masquerading as discounts”: Why Mojo Power doesn’t do electricity discounts

Electricity discounts are a prominent part of the energy industry. But the reality is that when it looks too good to be true, it usually is. 

While electricity discounts may seem like a good thing for consumers on the surface, power companies that offer significant discounts (we see some as high as 30-40%!) tend to hike up their base rates in order to whack a hefty discount on top. It pays to remember - all those tasty discounts are only as good as the base price that’s being discounted.

What’s more, electricity discounts also tend to be conditional in nature. This means that, in order to receive the discount, consumers have to meet certain conditions. 

For example, pay on time discounts require customers to pay their bills by a certain date. When this is missed (in some cases, even just by a few hours) customers lose their discounts. 

As Consumer Action Law Centre chief executive Gerard Brody said, they’re essentially “late payment penalties masquerading as discounts” and this tends to impact hardship customers disproportionately.

At Mojo Power, we think this practise is unacceptable. We believe in full transparency when it comes to our electricity rates, so we don’t incorporate any sneaky retail mark-ups or unfair electricity discounts into our plans. 

Instead, we focus on providing our customers a fairer, more transparent way of buying energy that actually benefits their bills. With us you’ll get simple plans, great rates from the get go and smart tools to help you use less energy and save more money.

So if you’re sick of chasing disappearing electricity discounts, check out our Mojo Power plans or get in touch with our friendly team to do a bill comparison.

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